Our Service

Saying goodbye is a personal and often difficult thing. We try to make the service as comfortable for you and your loved ones as possible. Everything we do is tailored to make the scattering as successful as it can be.


We are able to spread the ashes over sea anywhere around the UK and over land providing the landowner gives consent. We would advise that you consider areas that are not densely populated.

The Flight

Flying over a location of your choosing the pilot will perform manoeuvres using a symbolic smoke trail. This display will be followed by the actual scattering, returning the deceased to the elements in a meaningful and beautiful way.

To ensure that the remains are completely dispersed 'Ashes Scattered Over Sea and Land' uses a unique device which releases the ashes as a beautiful cloud.


Our flights start from £650.00 and increase depending on flight time. For more information on cost please contact us.

Ashes Scattered Over Sea and Land
A Service Provided by The VT10 Company Ltd.