Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of aerial ash scattering?

The number of people choosing cremation instead of traditional burial has been increasing in recent years. This choice creates a decision on what to do with your loved one’s ashes. Current choices tend to be to keep the ashes at home or to place them in the garden of remembrance. Scattering from an elegant aeroplane in a place significant to the deceased or their family is a unique and memorable tribute to that person's life. Some feel that this symbolises the return of the loved one to the elements.

Can ashes be scattered anywhere?

With the permission of the landowner and an exemption from the Civil Aviation Authority (which we arrange) we can scatter almost anywhere, although we do tend to avoid heavily populated areas.

How soon will you scatter the ashes?

As soon as you like.

At what altitudes do you disperse the ashes?

The Civil Aviation Authority allow us to fly as low as 10 feet as long as the aeroplane is 500 feet from any person, vessel or structure. i.e. we can be 10 feet above the sea so long as we are 500 feet from the shore and any person, vessel or structure. Generally speaking our altitude is dependent on how small a geographic area you would like your loved one’s ashes scattered over.

May we witness the dropping of the ashes?


What do you charge for the dispersal of ashes?

Costs are from £650. This covers a distance of 200 miles from our base near Edinburgh. Every extra flying hour out with this distance costs £112. The cost includes a certificate recording the event noting the date, time, latitude and longitude.

How do I get the ashes to you?

We are able to arrange collection, of if you prefer you may deliver the remains to the aircraft.

Ashes Scattered Over Sea and Land
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